LED Recessed Lighting in Mrytle Beach SC

Professional Myrtle Beach SC LED Recessed Lighting Experts

Adding LED Recessed lighting elevates your home and saves you money on your electrical bill. Recessed lighting can be a great way to illuminate Hallways, Kitchens, Master bedrooms, and even outdoor areas in the ground. LEDs lose only about 5 percent on heat meaning they lose less energy. LED Recessed Lighting is able to a large number of areas without taking up a lot of space when installed, this is why it makes a great alternative to normal recessed lighting options. There are different types of LED fixtures to choose from to help match whatever vision you have for your home. LED’s come in a large of color options as well, from warm-toned like Irdeseant bulbs to a beautiful white bulb. You can even have bulbs that change from warm- to cool-toned at the flip of the switch. This way you can create different ambiances throughout your home, and you aren’t just stuck to one type of bulb coloring.

Different types of trim for recessed light can impact the atmosphere of your room as well, trim is the finished portion of the recessed fixture that is visible on the outside. It can create different types of lighting effects, though the most common trim fixture is a basic smooth fixture. Wired LLC offers a wide variety of options for recessed lighting trim to help turn your home into your dream spaces. There are many benefits to having LED recessed lighting in your home. One of the biggest benefits is Cutting down on electrical costs, LED light bulbs to consume 80-90 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs and last up to 100,000 Versus the 3,000 hours for incandescent. REcessed lighting also saves space compared to normal lights because recessed that can be installed flush against the surface to free up space that would have otherwise been overutilized. Lastly, by using recessed lighting you can actually increase your poverty value by turning to a more modern approach to lighting. Whichever LED Recessed lighting you choose, we can provide not only quality service but professional and honest work.