It’s time to update your home’s outdoor and landscape lighting to LED lights, which are much more efficient than traditional lighting. Fluorescent and incandescent lights lose much of their energy due to the heat they generate, but only five percent of LED lighting is wasted as heat. The rest of the energy in LED lighting is converted into light. Using less energy reduces the demand from power plants which in turn decreases pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Since LED lights use only a small amount of the energy that an incandescent light bulb requires, using LED lights saves money because the cost of energy decreases. No matter what size or shape of fixture is required, LED lighting will still be more efficient than traditional light sources.
Another advantage of LED lights are that they require no color filters like traditional lighting, so they save even more money. The brightness of the bulb is also more pronounced with LED lighting when compared to regular halogen light bulbs of the same wattage. Not surprisingly, an incandescent bulb uses about five times as much power for the same amount of light as an LED bulb. LED lighting is clearly a less expensive and more environmentally responsible choice when compared to fluorescent and incandescent lighting sources. Convert the outdoor lighting of your home to LED lighting and save money while you are helping the environment. It is an easy process that ensures you are doing your part to conserve energy and reduce pollution along with harmful greenhouse gas emissions.