Surge Protectors


Surge protectors are a necessary part of any home with electrical appliances and devices. As the name suggests, surge protectors protect your electronics from power surges. A surge protector senses when a spike or an interruption in electricity occurs and then diverts the excess electricity to another path leaving your devices unharmed. Power surges often occur during thunderstorms when lightning strikes nearby or hits a transformer. They can also occur when there is a sudden increase in power flow. Anytime a power surge occurs, your plugged-in electronics are at risk of being damaged – or even permanently ruined. In some cases, power surges can start electrical fires, which are fast-spreading and dangerous. Make sure you, your family, and your electronics stay safe with a high-quality surge protector!
There are several types of surge protectors to choose from, so you can find the type that’s best for you. One of the most common types is a surge protector strip. A lot of people confuse surge protector strips with power strips. Although they look similar, power strips do not contain the electrical components that mitigate spikes in voltage that surge protectors have. Another option is a whole-house surge protector. This is a great option if you have many electronics in your home that need a lot of constant power. Whole house surge protectors prevent damaging power surges by diverting the excess power down through your home’s grounding power line. With our whole house surge protector, all the appliances and electronics in your home will be protected from dangerous voltage spikes. Call us today for surge protectors in North and South Carolina!