Pool and hot tub wiring

Jacuzzi and pool Electrical Services

When it comes to water and electricity, let the experts handle it! We are trained and qualified professionals ready to install your pool or jacuzzi electrical equipment the right way! Depending on your district or location, you may need to follow local regulations.  For safe and reliable electrical work contact Wired LLC  to schedule your consultation today!

Wired LLC’s dedication is to provide exceptional hot tub and pool electrical services, as well as a jacuzzi and pool electrical repair and jacuzzi and pool electrical maintenance! We are insured and bonded to complete all of your hot tub and pool electrical needs. Check out our testimonials!

Call today for your jacuzzi and pool electrical installation quote!


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Hot tub and pool Electrical maintenance services

Does your jacuzzi or pool need updated electrical wiring or paneling? At Wired LLC, we can upgrade that old dingy wiring to safe and efficient wiring. Signs that you may need an electrical repair on your pool or jacuzzi:

– Circuit Breakers Tripping
– Your Hot Tub Will Not Heat
– Damaged Wires or Exposed Wires

If you feel that your electrical system is unsafe, give Wired LLC a call to schedule an inspection or quote today!